I received a handicap parking ticket. I did park in a handicap space, but I do have a handicap placard; however, I forgot to display it. What should I do?

For violations of Decatur City Code, Chapter 34 (Traffic and Parking) with an initial fine of $100 or more, which causes the vehicle to be eligible for immobilization and impoundment, an administrative adjudicatory hearing shall be held.  The registered owner of the vehicle that has been issued a citation to appear in Administrative Court may contact City Legal at 424-2807 with any questions related to the citation or hearing.

I no longer own this vehicle. I sold the vehicle and the new owner did not transfer the title. What should I do?

Then you should complete the Illinois Secretary of State Vehicle Registration and/or Title Revocation Request form. Make sure that you include the vehicle identification number, make a photo copy of the form and send or fax the original letter to the address listed on the form.

Secretary of State Police
Ph. 217-785-5485
Fax 217-782-2896

Then you should complete a Parking Ticket Appeal form attach the copy of this form to your parking ticket appeal form and submit those documents to the City of Decatur Finance Department.