The Patrol Division is the largest division of the Decatur Police Department with 100 sworn officers. The Patrol Division in under the direct command of Deputy Chief Ed Hurst.  The Patrol Division in divided into 3 operational shifts; each commanded by a shift Lieutenant. The Patrol Division also includes 12 Patrol Sergeants and 85 Patrol Officers. The Patrol Division is a 24/7 operation.

The officers assigned to the Patrol Division are highly visible, uniform officers patrolling in marked police vehicles. These front line officers answer thousands of calls on a yearly basis. Besides answering calls for service, they are responsible for numerous proactive enforcement activities to include gang enforcement initiatives and traffic enforcement measures.

Patrol officers are integral to the Decatur Police Department’s Community Policing efforts. These officers become a part of the community in which they serve by attending community meetings, talking with neighborhood residents about their concerns and seeking their input into the problem-solving process.

Commanding Officers