The responsibility of the Decatur Police Department revolves around the protection of life and property, the protection of rights of persons, the enforcement of ordinances and regulations and the preservation of peace, order and safety. The mission of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) parallels the overall mission of the Decatur Police Department but, is applied in the arena of high risk warrant service, armed fugitive apprehension, hostage-barricade resolution, dignitary protection, crowd control, and the first response to a local or regional terrorist event.

The Decatur Police Department’s ERT has entered in to several mutual aid agreements, including the ILEAS alarm card response, to serve and respond tactical capabilities to several surrounding counties and municipalities if requested.

ERT members go through a vigorous selection process, attend certified tactical schools, and receive monthly training and certification of tactics and physical fitness abilities to remain on the team. ERT snipers have graduated from some of the United States most recognized and prestigious sniper schools. ERT negotiators receive specialized/certified training in negotiating principles and train quarterly each year.