The CARETRAK Program was designed to assist in locating missing persons who suffer from a disorder that may prohibit them from communicating personal information, such as who she or he is, or where he or she lives. To be eligible for the program, an applicant’s caregiver must submit an application documenting the need for the program and they must have a referral from their physician. The program will only accept applicants residing with their caregivers, in residential settings. The Decatur CARETRAK Program Board reviews the CARETRAK applications and determines suitability for the program, based on the applicant.

The CARETRAK Program requires the caregiver to be primarily responsible for supervised care and they must take full responsibility of protecting the applicant from wandering. Caregivers also must acknowledge that he/she, or a family member, must be present in the home with the applicant at all times. CARETRAK equipment is designed to be an additional aid to help locate missing persons and to provide law enforcement personnel with an additional technology in attempting to locate the missing.

There is no guarantee that the CARETRAK client will be found because he/she is wearing a CARETRAK bracelet. CARETRAK equipment is designed to provide law enforcement personnel with an additional technology in attempting to locate the applicant. The Decatur Police Department has staff which has been trained in the operation of the CARETRAK Search equipment and assists with the administration of the Decatur CARETRAK Program.

The caregiver is required to possess full power and authority as the duly authorized representative of applicant, to register with the CARETRAK Program and act on his/her behalf. The Caregiver’s is required to submit a Power of Attorney and/or Power of Personal Care.

Applicants for the CARETRAK Program are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle while participating in this program, and that Caregiver and/or family have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to ensure that the applicant does not have access to motor vehicle keys.

CARETRAK Application

The application form for the Decatur CARETRAK Program and the Decatur CARETRAK Program Contract can be viewed by clicking the link below. Questions can be directed via the e-mail link below.

CARETRAK Questions

Download the CARETRAK Application Contract.