The Decatur Police Department Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Unit (drone) enhances the Department’s commitment to public safety.  The unit consists of supervisors, patrol officers and detectives who have completed initial training and have passed the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 certification. Members of the Unit train frequently for proficiency and must maintain their license every two years.

The Department has drones used for outdoor operations and additional drones suited for indoor operations.  Our drones provide real-time aerial perspectives for managing and mitigating dynamic and evolving situations.  From efficient search and rescue operations and special event monitoring to precise crime scene documentation, traffic management and traffic reconstruction investigations, our drone unit empowers our officers with cutting-edge tools, contributing to overall community safety.

Our Police Drone Unit represents a progressive approach to policing, aligning with our mission to provide top-notch safety and security to the community we proudly serve. We are committed to leveraging the latest technologies to stay ahead of emerging challenges, and drones are an integral part of our commitment to public safety.