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Yes, I authorize the City of Decatur to enroll me in electronic billing. I understand that by providing my e-mail address, I will receive my Municipal Utilities Bill via e-mail and I will not receive a paper statement. I further understand that it is my responsibility to inform Utility Customer Service of any change to my e-mail address. I understand that if for any reason I do not receive my e-bill, it does not relieve me of late fees, deposits or my obligation to pay. I agree to add the e-mail address to my address book to ensure proper delivery of my e-bill. Finally, I understand I will not receive any inserts with my electronic bill that may be included with paper statements.

I further state that I am the duly authorized customer, or authorized payee, of said premises and understand anyone having access to the e-mail provided may also access my Municipal Utilities Bill.

Since the Municipal Utilities Bill is not in your name, we cannot process your request at this time. If you have questions, please contact us at (217) 424-2841 or We are open 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on normal business days.