The Water Services-Distribution staff  maintains water mains, fire hydrants, and water main control valves and has the ability to make repairs to the system in a timely and safe manner. Routine flushing of hydrants and valve turning operations are part of an annual maintenance schedule.  Distribution staff also makes repairs to leaking water mains and residential water services on City right-a-way.

The City’s distribution system consists of 530 miles of water mains and 3 elevated water tanks. Seventy-five percent water main pipes are composed of durable cast iron. Cast iron piping has a very long, useful life which can exceed 100 years. The remaining 25% of pipe is newer and composed of ductile iron or PVC.  These materials are more durable than cast iron.

Water Main System Improvements

In an effort to improve public health, original galvanized and lead pipes are being systematically removed and replaced with copper lines. Over 85% of the pipes with a diameter of 3/4″ to 1″ have been replaced. This renewal process has been an on-going program for over 30 years. Our goal is to replace all known galvanized and lead pipes.

Boil order Notification – a red door hanger
Boil Order-Rescind Notification – a green door hanger
Repair Work Notification – a blue door hanger
Lead Notification – a yellow door hanger


Flushing Building Water Systems After Prolonged Closure

The City of Decatur recommends that the water systems of buildings closed for an extended time, such as closures due to COVID-19, be flushed before re-opening.  A press release was issued May 22, 2020.

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