Lake Decatur Advisory Watershed Board

To ensure that valuable stakeholder feedback is incorporated, the City of Decatur is establishing a board comprised of farmers/growers, land managers, retailers, and other members of the agricultural community to serve on the Lake Decatur Advisory Watershed Board. This group will assist the City of Decatur, RCPP partners and managers to deliver program components, conduct outreach to peers, and provide hands-on technical assistance.


Committee Members

Frank Rademacher

Eric Miller

Haley Pyatt

Phil Julius

Quint Shambaugh

Todd Wibben

Cody White



Board Minutes/Agendas


March 7, 2024 meeting minutes

February 8, 2024 meeting minutes

January 11, 2024 meeting minutes



April 11, 2024 agenda

March 7, 2024 agenda

February 8, 2024 agenda

January 11, 2024 agenda