Help Keep Our City Clean!

Important rules to remember to keep your property clean:

  • Storage of machinery: Worn out, wrecked, abandoned, or inoperable motor homes, automobiles, trucks, campers, camping trailers, appliances, or machinery of any kind cannot be left or stored outdoors in any residential, office, or commercial zone of the city.
  • Trash and debris: It is unlawful to store ashes, refuse, old bricks, concrete, branches, brush, trash, or the storage of any materials that may harbor rats or vermin.
  • Firewood: Firewood may be stored on the exterior of any structure but must be cut to lengths of 18″ to 24″ and stacked at a minimum of 12″ above grade.
  • Container location: Garbage/Recycling containers must be stored within or adjacent to a structure so that they do not front or face any public street.
  • Garbage/Recycling service: Owners or occupants must maintain active garbage service at all occupied residences.
  • Front yard parking: Parking or storing any vehicle in any area other than a driveway or improved parking area is prohibited.
  • Recreational vehicles: Recreational vehicles may be stored in the rear yard, or front yard but only on a driveway. Storage of any recreational vehicle is only permitted on an improved surface.
  • Weeds: It is unlawful to have weeds, grass, or underbrush that has grown to a height of 10″ or more.


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