The Division of Neighborhood Inspections is committed to working with the citizens of Decatur to provide a better quality of life. This division becomes necessary when conditions in the neighborhood become detrimental to the cleanliness and overall appearance of the neighborhood.

The standards set forth and adopted by the Decatur City Council are initiated to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the families living here. Neighborhood Inspections enforces the National Property Maintenance Code and the Local City Ordinances. This Enforcement is necessary to preserve the city’s neighborhoods and lead to revitalization efforts.

With the combined efforts of the Neighborhood Service Officers and the Division Administrator this division makes itself available to address the City of Decatur’s neighborhood concerns.

Zoning Enforcement

Neighborhood Inspections has an Officer assigned to inspections of local zoning ordinances. The Officer operates on either complaints or self-initiated activities. Many of the duties include:

  • People parking in their front yard
  • Operating an automobile repair shop in a residential area
  • Using a vacant lot for a secondary structure
  • Parking on a vacant lot
  • Storing of excess recreational vehicles

The Zoning Officer also conducts inspections of multi-family dwellings.

Neighborhood Inspections enforces four different chapters of the City Code. The following is a list of typical violations.

Environmental Problems – Chapter 48 & 49

  • Worn out, wrecked, abandoned, or inoperative vehicles on private property
  • Old furniture or interior furniture on property
  • Appliances on the outside of the residence
  • Placing of garbage on the ground instead of approved garbage containers with lids
  • An open and hazardous well, cisterns, holes, pits or abandoned excavation
  • Old pools containing stagnant water
  • Trash and debris: brush, trash piles, old bricks, scrap metal
  • Weeds or grass in excess of 10 inches

Housing or Building Problems – Chapter 70

  • Deteriorating: roofs, walls, floors, foundation & porches
  • Dangerous electrical wiring
  • Inoperable or inadequate plumbing
  • Living without utilities: water, gas, or electricity
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Unsecured properties: open doors or broke out windows
  • No heat source

Garbage Service Problems – Chapter 56

  • Problems/questions with your hauler