Please have exact fare ready (in coins no larger than a quarter). Bus Operator Has No Change!

Passenger Fare
Basic Adult $1.00
(ages 5 through 18, and those with approved high school card)
(under 5, when accompanied by a fare-paying passenger)
Disabled Passenger
(with a Medicare Card or DPTS Disability Card)
Disabled Passenger
(with state Circuit Breaker certification)
Senior Citizen
(65+ years of age with a DPTS Senior Citizen Card or photo ID card)
Senior Citizen
(with state Circuit Breaker certification)
Transfer Free

Free bus transfers are issued for connections with other DPTS routes. Transfers are issued only when a fare is paid and are valid only at the Transit Center and at other points where bus routes intersect. Transfers are issued to allow a passenger to make a complete one-way trip and are not intended to allow a passenger to make a return trip to the point of origin. Transfers must be used on the first connecting bus.

A 20 ride Punch Card and a Monthly Pass are also available. The Punch Card has no expiration date, while the Monthly Pass is good only in the month of issue.

Passenger Punch Cards Passes
Adults $18.40 $36.80
Youth (5 through 18) $14.70 $29.45
Disabled Passengers $ 9.20 $18.40
Senior Citizens $ 9.20 $18.40

Punch Cards and Monthly Passes may be purchased at the Senator Severns Transit Center (353 E. William St.) or by mail. If you are ordering by mail, please send a money order or check (business checks only; not accepting personal checks) made payable to Decatur Public Transit System to:

Punch Card or Monthly Pass
Decatur Public Transit System
555 E. Wood Street
Decatur, IL 62523

Remember to include your name and address.

There is no DPTS service on Holidays. A one-year pilot program for Sunday service begins October 9, 2022.



Attached is a notice that certifies that the Transit System complies with the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The notice explains how to obtain additional information and how to file a complaint concerning a violation of Title VI. Read the notice of rightsopens PDF file .


Decatur Public Transit holds our contractors and employees to a high professional standard. If you have concerns or complaints, please reach out to the MV Operations Manager, James Harrell at 217-424-2815 or by email at: james.harrell@mvtransit.com, or City Director of Transportation Services, Lacie Elzy at 217-542-3559, Lelzy@decaturil.gov.