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Any person, business, or organization requesting records of the City of Decatur, Illinois under the Freedom of Information Act shall make a request by completing a Request for Public Records form, or any other written form and presenting it to:

FOIA officer

City Clerk’s office

1 Gary K. Anderson Plaza

Decatur, IL 62523

(Monday through Friday) 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by fax 217-450-2297 or by email FOIACityClerk.
FOIA request regarding Police records should be submitted to

The City will respond to all Freedom of Information request within five (5) working days of request. If additional time is needed, you will be notified of the City’s intent to respond within an additional five (5) working days as permitted under the Act. Request for a commercial purpose will be responded to within twenty-one (21) working days. You must disclose whether your request is for a commercial purpose. It is a violation of the FOIA for a person to knowingly obtain a public record for a commercial purpose without disclosing that it is for commercial purpose, if requested to do so by the public body. 5ILCS 140.3.1(c) If any of the materials requested are exempt under the Act you will be notified in writing of the specific exemption which applies to the documents and you will be provided with all non-exempt materials.

Records maintained by the City of Decatur that can be made available for inspection and copying includes all public records:  police records, fire records, budget and financial records, ordinances, resolutions, motions, city codes, City Council agendas and minutes, public meeting schedules, rosters of boards and commissions, building permits and inspections, labor agreements, transit routes and transit schedules, and Public Works records.

Pursuant to the FOIA the fees for copying of public records are:

  • The first 50 pages are free
  • Any pages after the first fifty (50) will be $.15 per page
  • Audiotapes and videotapes are cost to produce the documents only
  • CD is cost to produce the document only
  • Photographs is cost to produce the document only
  • The charge to a requestor for copies of any abnormal size documents is the actual cost to produce that document.
  • The charge for traffic accident reports is $5.00
  • The charge for a traffic accident report that was investigated by an accident reconstruction officer or accident reconstruction team is $20.00