Central Illinois Land Bank Authority & City
of Decatur Property Purchase Application

The CILBA/Decatur Property Disposition Program is jointly administered by CILBA and its member municipalities and counties. Properties offered through this program may be owned by CILBA or its member municipality or county and will be conveyed by Quit Claim Deed. The buyer is responsible for inspecting the property and assumes all responsibility for any hazards, risks, or liabilities associated with the property.

Submitting an Application does not guarantee the property will be sold to the Applicant.

A. Instructions:

Fill out the Application completely. If you are unsure how to answer a question or need to collect
additional information, you can save the Application as a draft and come back and finish at a later
time. You will not be able to submit the application for review by CILBA until the Application is
complete, signed and submitted.
Please be aware that the information submitted will be verified. Submitting false or incomplete
information can be grounds for your application to be rejected and for your eligibility to participate in
the Decatur Property Disposition Program to be revoked.

B. Eligibility Restrictions:

To be considered for a piece of property, each Applicant and co-Applicant:
• May not have any open violations of local building or property maintenance codes or delinquent
municipal water bills or delinquent property taxes on any property you own.
• Not have lost a property to the County for nonpayment of taxes, nor had a foreclosure or personal
bankruptcy within the past seven (7) years.
• If applying for a side lot, applicant and co-Applicant must be the owner of a property that shares a
common lot line with the subject property.

C. Our Process:

Once we receive a completed Application, our staff will review the Application to verify the Application
is complete and meets minimum requirements. Applications that are approved by CILBA are given
Conditional Approval, subject to Final Approval by the City of Decatur. CILBA will strive to review and
process all applications within five (5) business days.

CILBA will forward the Application to the City with conditional approval. The City will strive to act on
the recommendation within 30 days.

CILBA will notify the Applicant of the CILBA and Member response. If Final Approval is granted,
CILBA will contact the Applicant to come to the City office at the Civic Center to make payment via a
certified check, sign closing documents, and receive the Quit Claim Deed. The Applicant will have 30
days from the date of Final Notification to complete the closing and accept deed to the property.


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