What is Code Enforcement?

The Neighborhood Inspections division addresses items in the community such as housing violations (Abandoned, vacant, neglected, weather damaged structures), and Environment violations (Derelict vehicles, trash and debris, garbage on lots/properties).

Neighborhood Inspections staff works closely with citizens and neighborhood groups to familiarize them on city ordinances and help them monitor their own neighborhoods for downturn or blighted properties.

Code Enforcement is a necessary tool to preserve City of Decatur neighborhoods and is critical to our community revitalization efforts.

Ordinances Covering Code Enforcement

  • Garbage Service
  • 72 Hour Complaints
  • Nuisance Ordinances
    • Trash and Debris
    • Storage of Machinery
  • Motor Vehicle Nuisance



“Community Revitalization is the implementation of intentional efforts that are likely to lead to measurable increases in access to employment, living wage jobs, healthcare, supportive services, community amenities, transportation, quality and affordable housing stock.”

Source:  Illinois Housing Development Authority


Neighborhood Inspections Goals

  • Demolition of blighted properties
  • Removal of Abandoned Vehicles
  • Trash and Debris Nuisance
  • Inform, Educate, Build Trust with Citizens


It Is Important to Know the Code Inspector for Your Neighborhood

To find out who your Code Inspector is, click here to view a map.

Once the map opens, you can enter an address to get the inspector’s name, email and telephone number


Neighborhood Inspections Staff:


Michael Snearly
Neighborhood Inspections Manager

Marissa Weybright
Administrative Assistant


Tobias Welch (NW District)

Danny Hoult (NE District)

Alex Coffman (SW District)

Maire Foxx (SE District)
(pronounced Moya)

Jarrod Shasteen (Central District)


Demolition:  Why is it Important?

With an overall goal to revitalize our neighborhoods in Decatur, demolition becomes necessary when structures are found to be in a detrimental state to the health, safety, and welfare, cleanliness, or overall attractiveness to our community.


Benefits of Demolition

Demolition property candidates are dangerous to public health, and welfare, are fire hazards, and often obtain asbestos materials.  Removing these dangerous, blighted properties improves community outlook, and property values.


How does Demolition Work?

Graphic of Demolition Process


Monthly Demolition Report Card

September 2022 Demos

# of Demolitions Year to Date 2022 — ??