The following chart tracks the Decatur City Council’s allocations of American Rescue Plan (ARP) monies received in 2021 and 2022. Download this chart


ARP allocations graph


Message from Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe on ARP

“We are very grateful to receive these once-in-a-lifetime funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) to aid in our community’s recovery from the pandemic. The City Council has allocated ARP funds to many uses, but we have elected to concentrate the funding in two key areas:

1. Neighborhood Revitalization, Rehabilitation, and Transformation

2. Infrastructure and Utility Improvements – such as water, sewer, and broadband

Neighborhood Revitalization in the City’s urban core is the City Council’s top priority, and is necessary to reverse decay in older neighborhoods and provide better housing for current residents – and new residents moving to Decatur to take new jobs. Infrastructure and utility improvements will help us continue efforts to bring new business to Decatur and allow existing businesses to expand and create more jobs.”