Winter No-Parking Notice and Emergency Snow Route Alert – 2/1/2022

The City of Decatur has issued a winter no-parking declaration and an Emergency Snow Route Alert, set to take effect at 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, February, 1, 2022 due to the winter storm that is predicted to arrive Tuesday evening.

Under the winter no-parking regulations:

  • The parking, leaving or standing of any vehicle is prohibited on designated Winter No-Parking Streets.
  • Winter no-parking streets are identified by red and white signs that read “Winter No-Parking, when show or ice is on street, Tow Away Zone“.
  • All vehicles parked on winter no-parking streets must be removed within six (6) hours of the designated time of the declaration.
  • Violators of winter no-parking regulations are subject to fines and towing.

For additional information please refer to section 11 of Chapter 34 – Traffic and Parking in the municipal code or visit the Snow and Ice Control Plan page on the city’s web site.

To read the entire Winter No Parking Notice February 1, 2022

To read the entire Emergency Snow Route Alert February 1, 2022