What happens if I don’t call my hauler and signup?

You will be defaulted to a service that most closely resembles your current level of service.

If your current option is: Single family once-a-week pickup

You will default to: Basic waste removal service + Premium yard waste service option


If your current option is: Single family twice-a-week service

You will default to: Expanded basic waste removal service + Premium yard waste service

Do I have the option of back door service?

Back door service is no longer provided as a standard option, except in cases of valid hardships. However, your hauler can continue to offer such a service and may charge an additional fee. The City does not set a rate for back door service fee.


For people with valid hardships, back door service will be provided both for garbage and recycling.

What type of container can I use for garbage?

  • Metal or impact resistant plastic watertight cans of not less than 15 or more than 32-gallon capacity with tight fitting lids and at least two opposing exterior handles.
  • Watertight bulk containers with tight fitting covers (carts/toters) not less than 32 gallons or more than 96 gallons and meeting approved standards for automated or semi-automated collection. Carts/toters may be leased from licensed refuse haulers, purchased from licensed refuse haulers, or purchased from an independent source.

How Frequently Is Garbage Collected?

Garbage is collected once a week. However, you can either choose Basic Service which will include collection of up to three (3) 32 gallon cans or one (1) 96 gallon toter or Expanded Basic Service which allows for the collection of up to six (6) 32 gallon cans or two (2) 96 gallon toters. The expanded service provides the same volume of garbage disposal service as twice a week.