Press Release – 01/15/2021


January 15, 2021

Action by the Macon County Board on January 14, 2021 to limit the authority of the Macon County Health Department does not change the city’s rules. Cities and villages like Decatur may still make and enforce laws and rules governing the opening and operation of businesses that sell and serve food and beverages. The city of Decatur’s requirements that holders of liquor, place-of-amusement and other licenses must conform to DCEO and IDPH guidelines for safety, closure and COVID virus protection remain in force. The city of Decatur will continue to enforce its ordinances until the City Council otherwise directs. Recent actions of the Macon County Board may alter the authority of the county health department to conduct enforcement or suspend food service permits; but they do not authorize opening of businesses in violation of State guidelines, and they do not protect bars and restaurants from liability for violation of  State of Illinois’ COVID rules and guidelines. The State’s rules remain in force whether or not a county, village or city government chooses to enforce them. The laws and rules of the State supersede those issued by local government where they are in conflict with this matter. The City Council will discuss whether to amend and relax its rules for liquor, place-of-amusement, and other license holders at its next meeting on Tuesday, January 19.

As of today, Region 6 remains in Tier 3, although the Governor said today that most regions of the State of Illinois are on track to move out of Tier 3 if current infection and hospitalization rates continue.”

For Additional Information, contact Scot Wrighton or Jon Kindseth at 217-424-2801.