When calling the Emergency Communications Center for assistance, be prepared to provide the ECS call taker with your name, address and telephone number. If there is an emergency situation in progress, the ECS may ask you to stay on the phone to provide an up-to-the-minute account of what is happening as the public safety units are en route.

For your safety, stay calm and answer the routine questions such as WHERE did it take place, WHAT is happening, WHEN did it happen, WHO is involved, and WHY did it occur? The ECS call taker may also ask if anyone is injured, if you have a suspect description or a vehicle description (including license number and direction of travel); or if any weapons are involved. They are trained to get further information while the emergency units are responding. Keep in mind that the sooner you call for help, the greater the chance will be to save a life or catch a criminal.

Remember – Where, What, When, Who, & Why