ecsThe Emergency Communications Specialists (ECS) are a liaison between the public and the public safety responders. Although the position is complex and stressful, the Emergency Communications Specialists value the opportunity to provide service in a courteous and professional manner.

Duties of the Emergency Communications Specialists include:

  1. Receiving calls via 9-1-1 emergency number and other emergency and non-emergency systems. Determining the correct priority and appropriate action in accordance with established policies.
  2. Operating computer link to the State and Federal information system.
  3. Processing documents of arrested persons; making record checks on suspects and arrested persons; processing traffic, juvenile, mental and criminal arrest information.
  4. Maintaining files and records on alarm systems, wanted persons, stolen vehicles and other required information.
  5. Dispatching the appropriate fire apparatus and EMS units, recording the time, location and nature of each dispatch, monitoring the 800 MHZ radio system “911” group; and sounding the Civil Defense sirens.
  6. Receiving, relaying and/or transmitting routine and emergency calls to Law Enforcement, Fire Protection and other public safety agencies and units.
  7. Maintaining a log of radio transmissions, telephone calls and other pertinent information facts and inputing them into a computer.
  8. Maintaining incident reports of complaints.

The Emergency Communications Center operates three shifts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve the citizens of Decatur and Macon County, Illinois.