actThe Decatur Police Department’s Anti Crime Team (ACT) was developed in 2006 to target various types of crime in our community. The Team consists of a dedicated group of officers that implement non-traditional enforcement techniques to suppress crime and make a positive impact on the City of Decatur. The Team is tasked with the responsibility of conducting narcotic investigations, conducting anti-gang operations, gathering intelligence information, apprehending fugitives, and conducting operations in any problem areas of the city. The Team focuses primarily on the most violent criminals in our community and the neighborhoods affected most by violent crime. The Team often works hand in hand with the Bike Patrol Unit by deploying together into problem areas of our city.

The Anti-Crime Team serves as a support unit to the Patrol Division and Investigations Division. The Anti-Crime Team is an added resource for those units in need of additional manpower. The Anti-Crime Team also works with outside agencies such as the State’s Attorney’s Office, the United States Marshall Service, Federal Bureau of Investigations & the Attorney General’s Office. The Team not only works closely with Law Enforcement agencies but also communicates and works closely with the community and neighborhood groups. The Anti-Crime Team is an added resource for both the Department and the community at large.

The Anti Crime Team is comprised of members of the Command Staff, Patrol Division, and Detective Division. In addition, the Department’s Crime Analysis Unit is a major supplier of information for the Team. The members on the Team have more than 100 years of combined policing experience. The member’s bring an array of resources, experiences, and knowledge to the Team. Many officers describe their service on the Team as the most challenging yet rewarding experience of their careers. As the Anti-Crime Team begins its sixth year, it continues to make strong strides in improving the quality of life in the City of Decatur.

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