Police Department Offers Online Reporting

The Decatur Police Department now offers the public the opportunity to report some crimes online. Deputy Chief Jason Walker stated the online reporting system is meant to be a public convenience for the reporting of nonemergency offenses by those affected, in which there is no identifiable suspect and no physical evidence to collect.

To file a report online, the affected party must have access to the internet, valid email address and is reporting a nonemergency offense that occurred in the City of Decatur.

The public can find the online reporting option by going directly to www.dpdconnect.com, or by going to the City of Decatur web page www.decaturil.gov and select Departments/Police, where a quick link to “file a report” can be located.

Offenses currently available for online reporting include: Civil Matter/Information Reports, Criminal Damage to Property Under $500, Theft Under $300, Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property, Retail Theft Under $300 (Businesses Only), Illegal Dumping/Littering and Nuisances.

Once an online report is received, a detective sergeant will review the report, determine if the report is accepted, denied, and if additional investigation is warranted. The reporting party will receive an email indicating if the report was accepted or denied.  If denied, the email will provide a reason for the denial.

Deputy Chief Walker hopes that online reporting will make the reporting of some crimes a more effective/efficient option for the public and the police department.

Contact Deputy Chief Walker at 424-2711 for more information.