In addition to speaking during the Citizen Participation section of a regular City Council agenda, citizens and other interested parties may speak on regular agenda items listed on the official agenda if they provide advance notification, using this form, and/or provide the same information in connection with the submission of documents relevant to the agenda item.

Citizens may speak on one regular agenda item per meeting, and their comments are limited to three (3) minutes.

The Mayor (or other presiding officer) will recognize persons at the appropriate time in the meeting who have made advance notification. A completed form, or equivalent documentation, must be submitted to the City Clerk prior to the start of the council meeting for which the request is related.

Use the on-line form below to submit your request or download the fillable pdf form.

Advance Request to Speak on a Regular City Council Agenda Item

If you have documents to distribute to the council prior to the meeting, please contact the City Clerk at 217-424-2708.