Lake Decatur Dock Advisory

Lake Decatur dock owners are advised to check and adjust their docks and boat hoists as necessary due to the lake level gradually decreasing as a result of below normal rainfall.

Lake Decatur’s water elevation is 613.1 feet above mean sea level, which is 1.4 feet below the full summer elevation of 614.5.  The current lake level is normal for years that are drier than average.  It will continue to slowly decline until a significant amount of rain is experienced this fall.  The City is not concerned about the quantity of water in Lake Decatur as it is currently 83% full.

Property owners adjacent to the lake are encouraged to take advantage of the low water level to remove debris from their shoreline area if it is safe to do so.

Contact Joe Nihiser, Lake Maintenance Supervisor at 424-2837 or Water Production Manager Keith Alexander at 424-2863 for more information.