Lake Decatur Commercial Fish Removal and Boat Ramp Closures

The City of Decatur has once again teamed with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to allow commercial fishing in Lake Decatur from October 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources issued a commercial fish license to harvest buffalo, common carp and Asian carp from Lake Decatur.  The license was once again awarded to Lance Gregerson from Browning, Illinois.  Last year Gregerson and his crew removed over 40,000 pounds of fish from the lake.  Although the permit allows for Asian carp to be taken, no Asian carp have been found in Lake Decatur.

Commercial fishing will be allowed with nets from Rea’s Bridge Road to the U.S. Business Route 51 Bridge on weekdays from sunrise to sunset.

“The harvesting of buffalo fish and carp is a renewable source of human food and pet food that also enhances sport fishing opportunities in Lake Decatur,” said City of Decatur Water Production Manager Keith Alexander.

On a similar note, the Country Club Road and Lost Bridge Road boat ramps are now closed for the winter due to the annual lowering of Lake Decatur’s water level.  It is lowered each winter to provide water storage capacity for winter snowfall and spring rainfall and reduce the potential for flooding in the spring.

Contact Keith Alexander, City of Decatur, Water Production Manager, at (217) 424-2863 or or Jim Garavaglia, IDNR Fisheries Biologist at (217) 345-2420 or for more information.