Fire Station #6 Temporary Closure

Decatur fire station #6 located at 1880 Rte. 51 South will be closed June 6th  through June 22nd, 2017 to allow for construction as part of the city’s ongoing commitment to update the city’s fire stations.

During the period of closure, the station 6 crew will operate out of fire station #1 located at 1415 N. Water Street. In 2016 the Decatur City Council approved agreements for work to begin making critical improvements to the city’s fire stations, public service facilities with an average age of almost 51 years and marked by significant maintenance and location constraints. Unfortunately, over time some stations have fallen into disrepair and today are marked by plumbing deficiencies, leaky roofs, structural issues and consistent HVAC failures while some of the older facilities are not able to accommodate new equipment.

Contact the Decatur Fire Department at 217-424-2811 or Billy Tyus at 217-424-2727 for more information.