Patrick McDaniel

Patrick McDaniel brings to the position of a Decatur City Councilman a vast knowledge and experience of the Decatur community and city government having been born and raised in Decatur, the hometown that he returned to after serving his country in the U.S. Military for three years, with one of those years serving in the Vietnam War.

Patrick previously served on the Decatur City Council from 2011 until 2021 where he also served as Mayor Pro-Tem. He is the appointed Liquor Control Commissioner since 2021. He also served on the City of Decatur Plan Commission for two years. He was elected to another City Council term in 2023.

Councilman McDaniel had also gained valuable, insightful knowledge about city government and the other local government agencies, local businesses, and neighborhood organizations that he will continue to utilize as a City Councilman when he was a reporter for the Decatur Tribune Newspaper. As a newspaper reporter for eight and a half years he covered and reported on the actions of the Decatur City Council, community events, the Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce, local business activities, and neighborhood activities both as a reporter and as Board President of the Coalition of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO) and Board President of the West End Neighborhood Association. The knowledge he gained will help guide him in making important council decisions in creating council programs and policies that will help improve the community in the present and the future.

McDaniel also brings the knowledge and experience of forty years in management positions with various regional and national corporations, and as the Executive Director of the Macon County History Museum Complex for eight and a half years where he promoted the rich history of Decatur and Macon County across the state and to local residents and tourists visiting the area.

Contact Information

c/o City of Decatur

1 Gary K. Anderson Plaza

Decatur, IL 62523