Electrical Aggregation Press Release

Residents in the City of Decatur have begun receiving notices stating their electrical supplier contract is being terminated and that they are returning to Ameren.  This does not require any actions on the part of our residents or small commercial accounts.  The City will continue to seek the best electrical prices for those customers.

Last year, the Mayor and City Council approved a new electric supply agreement with Homefield Energy for all residential and small commercial electrical accounts within Decatur, which have not opted out of such a program.  The City of Decatur secured a rate of 4.525 cents per Kwh through this month until December 2021.

Over the past couple of months, the city has attempted to negotiate a new rate with Homefield, but has not been able to secure a rate, which we believe to be competitive with the default Ameren rate.  Homefield’s lowest offered price to the City for this program was in excess of 7.5 cents per Kwh.  Ameren’s current price is approximately 5.4 cents per Kwh.   For this reason the City has suspended our contract with Homefield and all of the aggregation customers will be returning to Ameren for electrical supply.

Over the next two months, the City will continue to seek alternative suppliers to secure a rate better than the Ameren rate.  If the city is able to secure a better rate, then we will likely execute a new contract with that supplier; if not we will allow are residents to remain with Ameren electrical supply under their pricing.

If you have any questions, please contact: City of Decatur Deputy City Manager, Jon Kindseth at jkindseth@decaturil.gov or (217) 424-2801