DUATS Metropolitan Planning Organization Request for Proposals (Long Range Transportation Plan Update)

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) of Decatur, Illinois, respectfully requests sealed proposals from interested, qualified consultants’ firms to provide the following professional services to Decatur Urbanized Area Transportation Study (DUATS):

The intent and objectives to prepare a FULL UPDATE to the Decatur Urbanized Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization’s 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan include:

  • Identify and promote the relationship between the transportation system to existing and future land use and community comprehensive plans and programs.
  • Provide guidance and regulations to promote the improvement of multi-modal transportation circulation of people and goods, using both motorized and non-motorized transportation modes and facilities.
  • Recommendations and guidance to provide a safe, efficient, accessible, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing transportation system.
  • Ensuring compliance with federal transportation planning regulations.
  • Protecting and improving air quality.

All proposals must be received by the City prior to 4:00 p.m., CST, February 8, 2019. Proposals shall be no greater than 15 pages in PDF format with a maximum size of 8Mb and must be submitted via email with the subject heading “2045 – Long-Range Transportation Plan Update.” Additionally, three (3) bounded hard copies should be submitted.

Late proposals will not be accepted under any circumstances. Any proposal(s) received after the scheduled time for closing will not be considered. Sole responsibility rests with the proposing consultant to see that its proposal is received on time. Consultant(s) can hire sub-contractors with the consent of the MPO.

A copy of the full RFP is available by contacting DUATS Transportation Planner (Joselyn Stewart) at (217) 424-2782 or by emailing request to jstewart@decaturil.gov

Questions concerning the RFP shall be directed to Joselyn Stewart, Transportation Planner, (217) 424-2782 or jstewart@decaturil.gov, or Scott Dedert, Senior Planner, (217) 424-2786 or email: sdedert@decaturil.gov; 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., CST, Monday through Friday, excluding City-observed holidays.

Please see attached flyer for details: RFP Long-Range Plan 2019 DUATS Urban Area Boundary Map