Utility Customer Service is a function of the Finance Department.  Duties include managing water service requests, billing, and collections for users of the City’s water supply.  Bills for residential and commercial customers are issued monthly.

Residential customers are typically billed for water usage, a recycling charge, a sewer user fee, a sanitary fee, and stormwater utility fees.  The sanitary fee is billed on behalf of and turned over to the Decatur Sanitary District.  Recycling charges are billed regardless of whether services are utilized.

Utility Customer Service

Decatur Civic Center (second floor)

#1 Gary K. Anderson Plaza

Hours: Monday through Friday

Telephone Support :  8:00 am to 4:30 pm
In Person:  8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Phone (217) 424-2841

Fax (217) 424-2859

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How to Apply for Water Service

How to Sign-up for Electronic Billing

How to Sign-up for Auto Pay

Authorized Payment Locations

First Currency Exchange #21659 E Eldorado St
Kroger3070 N Water St
Kroger255 W 1st Drive
Kroger1818 Airport Plaza

** $1.50 charge per item **

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Recycling FAQ’s

Utility Customer Service

Phone (217) 424-2841