2024-28 Proposed Street Work

The City of Decatur typically inspects half the city’s streets each year and uses the results of those inspections to refine a 5-year plan of proposed pavement projects. These streets are in addition to the annual pot hole patching and regular street maintenance activities done by City staff. This latest local roadwork plan is where the City is investing your fuel tax revenue:

map showing proposed roadwork projects with colors representing what year they will be done and what entity is responsible for the project


In addition to projects the City is working on, the Illinois Department of Transportation is working on roads in the Decatur area that are state owned and maintained. See the latest list of IDOT projects:

map showing Decatur-area roads to be worked on by IDOT and a list with more details about the projects


Got a road in mind that isn’t included in the plan? Let us know by filling out the Citizen Request form and select problem type “street”