2022 Raise Grant Overview

The City of Decatur is seeking a RAISE grant of $16 million to construct a grade crossing separation at Brush College Road and Faries Parkway.  Brush College Road is a major thoroughfare on the east side of the City serving a major industrial corridor in the area.  The overall project is estimated to cost over $67 million and will improve the regional flow of freight and motorists on the east side of the City.

The Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity, or RAISE Discretionary Grant program, provides a unique opportunity for the Department of Transportation to invest in road, rail, transit and port projects that promise to achieve national objectives.  The RAISE program uses a rigorous merit-based process to select projects with exceptional benefits, explore ways to deliver projects faster and save on construction costs, and make needed investments in our Nation’s infrastructure.  FY 2022 RAISE grants are for capital investments in surface transportation infrastructure and are to be awarded on a competitive basis for projects that will have a significant local or regional impact and improve transportation infrastructure.

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