Within the City of Decatur, a Place of Amusement License is required to operate “any place or premises, whether entrance thereto is restricted to club members or open to the public generally, which is designed, used or intended to be used primarily, by the public or by club members, for participation in entertainment or amusement.  Such entertainment or amusement to include, but not be limited to, the following:  music (either recorded or live), music videos, dancing, billiards and pool, roller or ice skating, and video and other mechanical games.  A “place of amusement” shall also include any place or premises that is primarily rented or intended to be rented to others for any of the purposes listed herein.”  This is according to City Code Chapter 52.1.

No place or premises owned or operated by any unit of government or college or university, or licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquor under the provisions of the City Code, shall be required to be licensed as a place of amusement. Any place or premises that is licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquor may not be licensed as a place of amusement.

This license is valid for a twelve-month period commencing on the first day of July each year.  The annual license fee is $100.  As part of the approval process, a Criminal Background check, City Debt Check and Building Inspection will be completed prior to issuance of any license.  

Application for a Place of Amusement license can be made on the city’s Licensing and Permit portal.

Paper forms can be downloaded below and mailed to the address on the form.  The type of forms to be used are based on the type of ownership applies to the business.

Individual ownership


Corporation or LLC


The following may also apply to your business or organization: 


An Amusement Device License would be required for any amusement device open to the public for hire or gain according to City Code Chapter 54.  Amusement devices would include but is not limited to: pool table, shuffle board, dartboard, baseball machine, gun or target game, crane game and video games.  An amusement device does not include any devices that would be considered gaming or gambling.


The City of Decatur has imposed on the retail sales of beverage and food prepared for immediate consumption.  The City of Decatur’s food & beverage tax rate is 2% of the purchases price.  The tax is locally administered.  In addition to the City’s food and beverage tax, the State of Illinois collects a 9.25% general sales tax rate. More tax information and forms can be found on the city’s website Food & Beverage Tax page.