Ambulance License ApplicationChapter 53

Amusement Device License ApplicationChapter 54

On-Line Application Portal

Fireworks Permit – Chapter 44 (contact Licensing for form)

Going Out of Business License – Chapter 50 (contact Licensing for form)

Hotel/Motel License — Chapter 51.5

On-Line Application Portal
Hotel/Motel License Application

House Mover’s Permit – Chapter 57 (contact Licensing for form)

Mobile-Food-Truck-Cart-Vendor-ApplicationChapter 55.1

Mobile Home Park License ApplicationChapter 63

Place of Amusement LicenseChapter 52.1

Raffle License ApplicationChapter 62

Raffle License Reporting Form

Refuse Removal License  – Chapter 56

Secondhand-Auction-Rummage License Application – Chapter 58

Online Application Required Form

On-Line Application Portal

Short Term Rental ApplicationChapter 51.5

Sign Hanger License ApplicationChapter 59

Fillable application form

Street Construction and Excavation Contractor LicenseChapter 37

Fillable application form

Terminal Operator RegistrationChapter 54.1

Terminal Operator Push Tax Return

Transient Merchant License ApplicationChapter 50.1

Vehicle for Hire – Chapter 60

Vehicle for Hire Business License Application

Vehicle for Hire – Occasional Use

Vehicle for Hire – Change Form

Vehicle for Hire – Safety Inspection

Vehicle for Hire – Meter Inspection

Vehicle for Hire Driver’s LicenseChapter 60

Video Gaming License Application for an establishment

On-Line Application Portal

Video Gaming Establishment Online Application Required Form

Video Gaming License Application for a terminal operator

On-Line Application Portal

Video Gaming Terminal Operator Online Application Required Form


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