Submitted 04/18/2022

I was in the line at Dairy Queen waiting to place my order. I noticed the gas tank of the car in front of me was open and the cap was off. I blew my horn and told them. A young lady got out and said thank you. She finished her order, and I pulled up to give mine. When I got to the window to pay, the cashier informed me the lady in front of me paid for my meals. She hadn’t fully pulled off so I blew my horn and yelled out my window thank you so much. She paid for my meal all because I told her that her gas cap wasn’t closed. It happened to be all the money I had. My son wasn’t feeling good and wanted Dairy Queen. He hadn’t been eating well because of his sickness so when he asked if he could get Dairy Queen, I was happy he wanted to eat. She was a blessing to us that day and she didn’t know it.

Leana C.

Submitted 03/08/2022

Recently, I was at Farm & Fleet standing in the checkout line awaiting my turn. The man in front of me was frail and his electric shopping cart was loaded with bags of various flavors of hard candy.  I thought to myself, “He must be hypoglycemic,” (low blood sugar).  The cashier rang up his items and gave him the total which was $32. The man handed the cashier his LINK card.  To both our surprise, Farm & Fleet doesn’t accept LINK.  The man looked defeated and apologized for not having another form of payment, then headed for the exit. I spoke up and told him I’d like to buy the items for him. The man almost cried & thanked me several times. It felt so good to gift this random act of kindness.  We have to love unconditionally our fellow brothers & sisters. — submitted by Anonymous

Submitted 02/14/2022

A local resident was checking out at the grocery store the other day, and her LINK card was bent and not usable. A couple behind her could have ignored her or belittled her.  Instead, they gave her $50 and told her to keep the change. The grateful recipient called the act a blessing. – Submitted by Anonymous

Submitted 01/24/2022

While waiting in the ER at DMH where I brought Jack because he is not feeling well at all, I went to the vending machine to get him a candy bar (he was hungry-& believe me that’s not good ‼️) I did not have the exact change & a nice young man bought the candy bar for me & would not wait until I could reimburse him. I thanked him & God.  It restored my faith in people & we must KEEP the faith that God is in control & working through His people in all this mess ‼️ – Submitted by Joyce Keller 

We frequent a small restaurant in Jack’s hometown of Toledo, IL & just today learned by the cashier they have a Pay It Forward Board where you can pay for a meal & people can choose what they want to eat. Of course Jack paid for a meal of Biscuits & Gravy ‼️  I asked if there were many homeless there – the cashier said No but several who get out of jail (which is across the street) come in there to get one of the free meals. I think it is a great way to promote acts of kindness ‼️ – Submitted by Joyce Keller 

At Kroger last week, I observed a man pay part of the grocery bill of a woman in front of him. The cashier said such an act isn’t uncommon and happens most frequently around the holidays. – Submitted by Dick Zaker

Submitted 11/24/2021

This summer my husband and I decided to have lunch at Paul’s Chili. After we finished eating and tried to pay our bill, we learned they only take cash.  I only had some cash on me, but not enough. The owner paid the difference.   Can you believe it? A good deed is done. The next day we came back and had breakfast and also to pay back the owner.. Nice lady and great Chili…. – Submitted by Janet Christison

I observed diners paying the bill for a couple they did not know at Benny’s restaurant in Decatur. – Submitted by Joyce Keller

Submitted 11/15/2021

Dick Zaker observed an Act of Kindness when a couple went from table to table in a local restaurant to ask who might be the owner of a coin purse they found in the parking lot.

The first submitted AOK is from Susan Speagle and she wrote —

After reading the “Sharing Acts Of Kindness” article I wanted to share a recent act of kindness in my life.  After several years of health problems of my husband, including many trips to Mayo Clinic, he recently passed away.  In the past on some of these trips, we would hire a very sweet young and responsible young lady in our neighborhood to take care of our potted plants, mail, and newspapers.  Just two weeks after my husband passed, I tripped in my driveway fracturing two bones in my foot and ankle.  This injury required that I not put any weight on the foot, so I texted the young lady’s grandmother, who lives with the family, to see about hiring her to help out with some of the outside chores like she had done in the past.  The family was already aware of my predicament and said they had been praying together as to how they could be of help, and had decided whatever it was they did not want paid for it.  So for the following seven weeks this young lady, sometimes accompanied by her mom and two younger brothers, retrieved my mail, newspapers, and watered my plants.  Grandma even stepped in when the family was out of town.  Besides being such a hard worker, she always had a smile and several times would ask how I was doing and would share how her day had went.  This meant so much to me at such a difficult time in my life (my husband and I would have been married 55 years in August). This act of kindness was definitely a huge blessing for me.  Oh, did I mention this young lady is only 11 years old.  I’m sure she will go far in whatever she pursues.