City of Decatur Claims Procedure

The City of Decatur has developed procedures for submitting claims for damages to property, damages to vehicles, and bodily injury.  The City of Decatur cannot assume liability or responsibility for circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to:

  • Weather related events and conditions such as flooding, high winds, tornadoes, snow/ice, etc.
  • Unreported debris or conditions.
  • Damages caused by other motorists/vehicles.

Can all claims be filed with the City of Decatur?

All claims can be submitted, will be investigated, and will be reviewed to determine liability. Damages occurring on roadways under state or county jurisdiction should be reported to the government agency that maintains the roadway.

How do I report a claim to the City of Decatur?

By completing the claim form at the bottom of this page your claim will be reviewed to determine liability and compensability.

Will my claim be paid?

The City of Decatur evaluates each claim based upon the standards on negligence and liability established by the Illinois Court of Claims. The City of Decatur must have prior notice of a condition and be allowed an adequate length of time to remedy or repair the condition, or provide warning of an adverse condition or hazard.

Upon receipt of the claim form, an investigation will begin. Additional information may be necessary to complete the investigation. If you would like to submit additional documents or pictures, they must be submitted by email to

Acceptance of the claim form is not a guarantee that a claim will be paid. Each claim is reviewed individually and is accepted or denied based upon the facts and circumstances related to that claim. While every effort will be made to expedite the processing of each claim, final written determinations are made as soon as possible, but may require 30-45 days to complete.

Please contact Risk Management for questions or to check the status of your claim at 217-424-2803 or


Claim Form - Risk Mgt
Choice an option for the type of claim being submitted.
Describe where the incident happen, i.e. specific address, intersection or block description (100 Block E Main St)
Time of Incident
Approximate time of the incident
Provide a complete description of the incident with as much detail as possible.
Address *