City of Decatur Fire Hydrants to be Flushed

Decatur Fire Department crews, in cooperation with the Decatur Water Department, will be flushing and flow testing 1275 fire hydrants during the month of April. Crews will be doing fire hydrant work from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday. This flushing and flow testing program is necessary to keep the City’s nearly 4500 fire hydrants ready for service. Crews will be checking for any deficiencies and recording flows to obtain tactical information for fire suppression.

In the areas where hydrants are being flowed, some temporary discoloration of water may occur. There are no safety or health concerns for residents if the water is discolored from this process. Residents will want to be sure the water is clear when doing laundry, as clothing could be stained from discoloration in the water. If laundry would become stained do not bleach or dry the clothing as this will set the stain. Rewash the wet clothing with a rust removing compound to remove staining.

The areas being tested can be located on the Decatur Fire Department’s Facebook page and on the city’s web site at by clicking the “Search Decatur”map at the bottom of the site. The Decatur Fire and Water Departments appreciate your cooperation during this process.

Call 217-424-2811 for more information.