City Water Quality Report Now Available

The City of Decatur is pleased to report that drinking water delivered to residential, commercial and industrial customers last year either met or exceeded all state and federal drinking water requirements.

The City has issued its 2018 Annual Water Quality Report which details a continued record of compliance with United States Environmental Protection Agency and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency water quality standards. The City met all testing requirements for over 80 substances during the past year, providing high quality water while keeping rates consistent with other Central Illinois water utilities. The City has not received a drinking water violation since 2002 even though water quality requirements have become significantly more stringent since that time.

The City pumps an average of 18.3 million gallons per day from Lake Decatur, providing water to approximately 31,400 service connections and 78,000 area residents.

View the 2018 Annual Water Quality Report

Copies are also available at the South Water Treatment Plant, Decatur Civic Center and the Municipal Services Center.

For further information contact Keith Alexander, Water Production Manager at 424-2863.