Announcing Launch of AccessDecatur

City of Decatur Announces Launch of AccessDecatur to connect businesses and residents with resources

The City of Decatur is excited to announce the launch of AccessDecatur, a new community platform powered by FORWARD with a directory of grants, social programs, and other recovery and relief resources available to all Decatur residents and businesses. The platform is available now, through the city of Decatur website.

Since the start the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 the City has helped to funnel millions of state and federal dollars to our residents and local businesses who needed and still need it the most.  This AccessDecatur portal was created to centralize not only the new grants and programs available to our community, but to also bring in existing benefit programs so that it may be a streamlined experience for our residents and/or businesses.  There are more than 30 programs in the program at its launch.

With this new portal a person or business can complete a single login and application and receive assistance from multiple grant programs.  Please take the time to fill out your profile details, as they will allow the portal to notify you of those programs and benefits for which you are eligible for, saving you further time and efforts.  These programs and benefits will likely change over time, and an AccessDecatur FORWARD profile will ensure that you can take advantage of those things that you are eligible for through this latest and greatest streamlined process.  Using Decatur FORWARD, residents and businesses can search, view, share, and apply for dozens of active programs made available to them through federal, state, and local funding. Residents and businesses can also build a profile on Decatur FORWARD and opt to receive automated emails with recommendations and updates as new programs are added to the directory.

“The AccessDecatur platform is an exciting initiative for our city,” said Jon Kindseth, Decatur’s Deputy City Manager. “We want to help make navigating all the resources and programs available easier for everyone in Decatur. With this platform we will continue to drive the City’s economic recovery from the COVID pandemic and to make our economy more resilient for years to come,” Kindseth said.

For more information about the platform or to see what programs you are eligible for, please visit AccessDecatur to where FORWARD is on the city’s website.