Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness are happening all around Decatur, improving our lives.  If you know of or have experienced an Act of Kindness the City Human Relations Commission would like to know via email.

Submitted 04/18/2022

I was in the line at Dairy Queen waiting to place my order. I noticed the gas tank of the car in front of me was open and the cap was off. I blew my horn and told them. A young lady got out and said thank you. She finished her order, and I pulled up to give mine. When I got to the window to pay, the cashier informed me the lady in front of me paid for my meals. She hadn’t fully pulled off so I blew my horn and yelled out my window thank you so much. She paid for my meal all because I told her that her gas cap wasn’t closed. It happened to be all the money I had. My son wasn’t feeling good and wanted Dairy Queen. He hadn’t been eating well because of his sickness so when he asked if he could get Dairy Queen, I was happy he wanted to eat. She was a blessing to us that day and she didn’t know it.

Leana C.

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