2021 Boards and Commissions Meeting Notice

Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, 5 ILCS 120/7(e)(2), Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe has determined that in-person meetings of all members of the City Council, as well as in-person meetings of all members of other Boards and Commissions of the City of Decatur, are not practical or prudent because of the COVID19 pandemic. Accordingly, members of the City Council, Boards and Commissions and City Staff may participate through electronic attendance, unless the relaxed remote participation requirements of the Illinois Open Meetings Acts are for any reason no longer in effect on the date of the meetings.

Pursuant to the provisions of an “Act in Relation to Meetings” approved July 11 , 1957, as amended, notice is hereby given of the dates, times and place of meetings of the Council, Boards, Commissions and Committees of the City of Decatur, Illinois, as follows:
Note: Meetings routinely held in the City Council Chamber are currently being held in the Civic Center
Theater due to COVID-19 mitigations.

A complete list of Boards and Commissions meeting dates and times can be found in the annual noticeopens PDF file .